Training for middle and high school students provides increased awareness of safety issues, new verbal and physical self-defense skills, tools and tips for increasing safety, and a greater clarity about setting limits and expressing needs.

Students explore the roots of gender-based violence, learn how to reduce their risks, and to become active bystanders for their peers. Transitions training offers 8th and 12th grade students opportunities to reflect upon and prepare for upcoming challenges. For older students risks and issues related to college life including sexual assault prevention and response and Title IX protections are specifically addressed.

Course formats include multi-session after-school or evening classes, in-school workshops, and weekend intensives.

“You showed us that every young girl and woman can stick up for herself no matter what size.”      – female teen participant

“I learned ways of being less passive without being aggressive.” -male teen course participant

Transitions Training for Female and LGBTQ High School Seniors

4 week (10 hour) Course

Prevention. Action. Change. partners with Discovery Martial Arts to present this intensive, 4-week training for female and LGBTQ high school seniors.

Participants learn:                                        

  • To Communicate with Strength & Confidence
  • Extensive Physical and Verbal Self-Protection Skills
  • Resources for Healing and Support
  • Your Rights on Campus
  • Strategies to Prevent and Respond to attempted Sexual Assault
  • Build Healthy Relationships
  • How to Safely Intervene when a Friend is at Risk