Recent conference presentations include:

National Sexual Assault Conference – August 2018 Anaheim, CA                         Topic: Empowerment Self Defense as a Tool for Healing from Assault

National Conference for Women Student Leaders – May 17/18 College Park, MD      Topics: Assertive Communication, Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response, and Empowerment Self Defense

National Women’s Martial Arts Annual Self Defense Instructor Conference:

  • Healing Through Empowerment, 2018
  • ESD in Workplace Training, 2016
  • Panel: Engaging Men and Boys, 2013
  • Workplace Safety Training, 2012
  • Self Defense Model Course Co-presenter: 2002 and 2011
  • Working with Men in Violence Prevention, 2011

International Association of Social Workers with Groups – June 2016 NYC, NY    Topic: Empowerment Self Defense as a Therapeutic Tool Within Support Groups