Tuesdays: November 17th through December 29th 5:30 to 7pm ONLINE

Join other women (cis and trans) and non binary people for a unique journey of healing from sexual violence. Become reconnected to your body as safe and powerful and gain tools for assertive communication, boundary setting, self-care, and self-defense.  Participants have gained confidence, skills, and experienced a reduction in PTSD symptoms while building community with other survivors. 

Cost: Suggested $10 – $20 per session (pay what you can)

Facilitated by Clara Porter, MSW and Louisa Irele, RYT 200

Clara Porter is the founder/director of Prevention. Action. Change. Clara has been teaching empowerment self defense for over 20 years and developed Healing Through Empowerment in collaboration with healing practitioners, survivors of sexual violence, and trauma experts in the Portland area and across the country. 

Louisa Irele is a lead teacher with Prevention. Action. Change. and brings expertise in yoga, movement, and social justice work. An editor by day, Louisa also brings an appreciation of the power of language to PAC’s work.  

Healing Through Empowerment Series Description

Healing through Empowerment uses mindfulness techniques, body-based exercises, discussion, role play, verbal and physical self defense techniques, and reflection as tools for healing from abuse and assault trauma. Learn to observe and honor your own responses and preferences as felt in the body and develop practices to identify and express what you want, need, and feel in your own life. With an emphasis on choice and control, explore and gain tools for managing adrenalin, connecting with the body and feeling it’s strength and stability for safety, healing, and growth.  All female-identified people welcome. Sliding fee for self pay participants 

For information on upcoming series contact Clara at info@PACMaine.com or call (207) 232-0484

ESD contributes to healing by:

  • Creating an environment that is explicitly safe. 
  • Giving participants opportunities to make active choices and express personal boundaries which are respected by others.
  • Teaching new responses to use in stressful situations (active coping).
  • Using mind/body techniques to become more aware of the body’s signals (interoceptive awareness).
  • Providing an opportunity to learn and practice personal safety skills, such as becoming more aware of danger cues and using active responses.
  • Offering safe and comforting experiences of working with others (social connection).

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Watch: Webinar with Director Clara Porter on Empowerment Self Defense as a tool for trauma healing.