Empowerment Exploration and Self Defense Training for Girls 11-14

Thursdays March 28, April 4, 11, 25 and May 2  3:00 – 5:30pm, Portland

PAC and A Company of Girls (ACOG) are collaborating to offer a power experience of creative arts and movement. This training will be both physically and creatively challenging, as well as fun for all female-identified students ages 11-14.

Through PAC’s movement training, girls will gain awareness of safety issues and verbal and physical self-defense skills, learn tools and tips for increasing safety, and develop greater clarity about setting limits, expressing needs, and building confidence for dealing with situations involving peers, school, family, and the public.

By traveling a creative journey with that will include self-reflection, positive peer feedback, and exploration into their unique perspectives around body image, gender issues, and more, girls will create their own self-esteem portraits which will grow and change as they explore their inner voice and learn to love and respect the unique qualities that make us each who we are.  How to register:  email your interest to info@acompanyofgirls.org.  Register early. Space is limited. Cost: self-selecting sliding fee scale of $50 to $195

IMPACT Self Defense – for female-identified and non binary people

Sunday May 5th 12 to 4pm, Portland 

Prevention. Action. Change. is welcoming Impact Boston to Portland to offer a greater intensity of empowerment self defense training.  Impact is taught by a team of instructors one of whom wears body armor to allow for realistic verbal scenarios and full impact physical contact. Participants practice skills to de-escalate conflict and avoid unnecessary violence when addressing harassment and threat involving strangers and known people.  Presented in a trauma-informed, survivor-centered way, Impact training allows participants to explore and move through the feeling of intense adrenalin in a safe environment.

Cost: $50/person (more if you can, less if you can’t).

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HEALING THROUGH EMPOWERMENT: A training for Practitioners in Trauma Healing.             

Friday May 17th 9am to 3pm, Portland 

“Traumatized people chronically feel unsafe inside their bodies: The past is alive in the form of gnawing interior discomfort…. they often become expert at ignoring their gut feelings and in numbing awareness of what is played out inside.” – Bessel Van der Kolk

Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) is a uniquely holistic, research-based, survivor-centered, feminist approach to self-protection skills.  ESD offers:

  • an environment that is explicitly safe
  • opportunities to make active choices and express personal boundaries
  • skill-building in active coping
  • increased interoceptive awareness (awareness of the signals within the body).
  • stronger awareness of danger cues and skills in active response.
  • experiences of social connection as safe and comforting.

Research demonstrates that training in Empowerment Self Defense lowers rates of victimization or re-victimization, decreases self-blame, and increases feelings of self-efficacy, confidence, and help seeking (Sanquist et al. 2014, Hollander, J. A. 2014).

Training Participants will:

  • Understand research on ESD as a healing modality
  • Experience 3 hours of hands on training in boundary settings, assertive communication, physical safety tools and adrenalin management.
  • Explore PAC’s 10-week Healing through Empowerment curriculum.
  • Learn ways to utilize ESD techniques in your practice and personal life.

Cost: $140   (lunch included)                              CEUs: 5 CEUs provided

Note: sliding fee for those not needing CEUs

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Don’t see the class you wantContact us for more information or get a small group together and we’ll build a class around your schedule and interests!

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