Tuesdays 5:30 to 7:30pm, February 25th – April 14th, Portland

Join other cis and trans women and non binary people for a unique journey of healing from sexual violence. Become reconnected to your body as safe and powerful and gain tools for assertive communication, boundary setting, self-care, and self-defense.  Participants have gained confidence, skills, and experienced a reduction in PTSD symptoms while building community with other survivors. 

Cost: Some insurance accepted / self pay $20 to $40/session (more if you can / less if you can’t)

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PAC Classes include:

  • Healing Through Empowerment 10-week series for women
  • Mother / Daughter Self Defense
  • Multi-session Empowerment Self Defense for Women, Trans, and Non Binary People
  • Workplace Safety, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Sexual Harassment prevention and response
  • and more…

Many PAC classes are scheduled with businesses, organizations, schools, groups, and individuals. Contact us for more information and we’ll build a class around your schedule and interests!

For more information email: info@pacmaine.com

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