Thursday September 16th 5:30 to 7:00pm

cosponsored by Hustle and Flow Studio

and Wounded Healers International

Western Prom between Pine and Carroll Streets, Portland

Open to all ages 12 and up

Come together to share and practice tools for preventing and responding to harassment and assault. This class will be both fun and serious. Let’s claim space together! 



*You may have to download Zoom to your device. Joining by phone doesn’t include video or chat feature access.  *For accessibility needs or other questions please email *To manage a safe space & start on time, please arrive promptly to the workshops.  *By engaging in this workshop you are agreeing not to record the session and to maintain the confidentiality of other participants. *Online classes are less of a controlled environment than in-person classes. The instructors will discuss this more in the sessions, but use your own judgment about whether and how you feel comfortable participating.

DE-ESCALATION: for activists, allies, and people in public facing jobs – online

This 2-hour online session covers: situational awareness, adrenaline management, body positioning, awareness of one’s own escalation triggers, and de-escalation skills and tools. Offered in recognition of the many challenging interactions presented by the current pandemic and increase incidents of hate-bias we have crafted this training to help maintain safety and build a supportive and caring community. Suggested donation – $20. May 3rd 5pm (est).  Click here to register.


TRANSITIONS FROM HIGH SCHOOL: Empowerment Self-Defense for Juniors & Seniors (all genders)

Anxious/excited about the next stage of life? Join trainers from Prevention Action Change for a 6-session series through which you will gain the mindset & skill set to more safely & confidently navigate whatever comes your way. Through fun & interactive workshops, participants will practice awareness, assertive communication & boundary setting, physical self-defense, active bystander skills, and tools for self-care, healing, and so much more. Build a stronger sense of self, and make some friends along the way as you engage with the evidence-based, historically-feminist, trauma-informed, and quite frankly kick-ass system that is Empowerment Self-Defense!

Interested in booking this series for your own school or group? Contact: or call: (207) 232-0484

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Learn to teach Empowerment Self Defense. This 6-week course covers the history and development of Empowerment Self Defense as a tool for violence prevention, intervention, response and healing. Participants will explore tools for building awareness, verbal and physical skills, and encouraging healing and action. The course also covers ways to create and maintain safe spaces for all participants, group dynamics and facilitation skills. The prerequisite for the training is completion of our ESD Level 1 Intensive or healing through Empowerment series. Note: some exceptions may be made – email for more information. Following the training, participants will enter a process of apprenticeship beginning with assisting in classes, co-teaching, and then lead-teaching with the goal of attaining national certification. The training cost is on a sliding scale of $60 to $120 (more if you can/less if you can’t).  Click here to Register. Date TBD.


ACTIVE BYSTANDER INTERVENTION TRAINING: Gain the awareness and tools to address anti-AAPI hate-violence and other identity-based harassment.

Anti-AAPI harassment and violence is continuing to rise across the US and in Maine. Learn to recognize this and other forms of identity-based harassment and gain the tools to intervene safely and effectively. Develop skills to assess a situation, choose an effective response, and overcome barriers to action. This scenario based training uses real situations to explore a range of intervention options including: delegation, distraction, delay, documentation, and direct engagement.



OTHER PAC COURSES available: for details check the drop down tab underPrograms

WORKPLACE TRAINING: Sexual harassment prevention and response, Safe and Welcoming Workplace, Microaggressions and Identity-based Harassment, and more.

HEALING THROUGH EMPOWERMENT:  A 10-week program designed for people of all genders who have experienced sexual and/or intimate partner violence. Participants report decreased PTSD symptoms, and increased confidence and feelings of safety in their bodies and in their lives.

EMPOWERMENT SELF DEFENSE BASICS: Gain awareness, verbal tools for assertive boundary setting, de-escalation, physical self defense skills, and tools for healing and growth. These skills will help you navigate interactions on the spectrum from challenging to dangerous at home, online, in relationships, or in public.

NAVIGATING CHALLENGING INTERACTIONS:  3 Sessions: A blend of Verbal empowerment self defense tools to address a range of challenging interactions facing us at home, in public, online, and at gatherings and protests. Each session focuses on a different skills: Assertive Communication and Boundary Setting, Active Bystander Intervention, and De-escalation Strategies and Tools.

DE-ESCALATION FOR BUSINESSES: As part of our larger work in Empowerment Self Defense and in recognition of the many challenging interactions presented by the current pandemic such as the wearing of face masks, social distancing, and anti-asian and anti-back hate/bias we have crafted this training to help maintain safety and build a supportive and caring community.

BYSTANDER INTERVENTION: Gain awareness on the rise in hate based harassment and Covid related incidents occurring in supermarkets and other public spaces and learn skills and strategies to safely intervene when you witness this harassment online or in person.

ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION AND BOUNDARY SETTING: Dealing with physical distance and the extra closeness of home is challenging for all of us. As states begin to ‘open’ and many of us return to face to face interactions, come together to learn and share skills for assertive communication and boundary setting in these challenging times.

PAC also offers specific training for:

  • Parents and Children
  • Mothers and Daughters
  • High School Seniors
  • College Students
  • LGBTQ community members
  • Survivors of violence

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PAC Classes include:

  • Healing Through Empowerment 10-week series for women
  • Mother / Daughter Self Defense
  • Single and Multi-session Empowerment Self Defense 
  • Workplace Safety
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response
  • Active Bystander Intervention
  • Microaggressions and Identity-based Harassment
  • and more…

Many PAC classes are scheduled with businesses, organizations, schools, groups, and individuals. Contact us for more information and we’ll build a class around your schedule and interests!

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