“Working with PAC is inspiring and energizing! PAC helped my staff feel at ease and comfortable to share their honest thoughts and give the agency feedback. The team-building activities are engaging and fun. PAC was even able to draw out the most reticent  employees. At the end of the day, we left feeling connected, excited and ready to take next steps as an agency.”

-Agency Director

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response: This highly interactive training helps employees at every level recognize and understand the dynamics of sexual harassment and practice tools for intervention, response, and reporting when they are the target or when they witness others being targeted. The session also includes material on a range of identity-based microaggressions, helping build empathy and awareness across difference. Fully compliant with Maine State requirements for sexual harassment training. 2 hours (online or in-person)

Active Bystander Intervention: This training helps participants recognize identity-based harassment in the early stages and gain the skills to intervene safely and effectively using the 5Ds of Active Bystander Intervention: Delegate, Distract, Delay, Document, and Direct. The focus is on interventions that increase the safety of the person targeted rather than on confronting the harasser. Participants explore the roles race, gender, position, and power play in who is targeted and how we intervene and gain tools for assessment and adrenalin management.  2 hours (online or in-person)

De-escalation: This training focuses on recognizing the stages and signs of escalation, methods for de-escalating oneself, and the use of effective intervention strategies and tools at the agitation, aggression, and acting out stages of escalation. Participants also practice situational awareness, understanding one’s own escalation triggers, and methods of adrenaline management to stay present and engaged during intervention. 2 hours (online or in-person)

Empowerment Self Defense: Designed to address the very real threats to safety faced by people in the hospitality industry, this in-person course builds awareness, verbal boundary setting and de-escalation skills, and physical skills to address and responses to unwanted touch and physical threats such as grabs.  The material is very adaptable and physical techniques do not require fitness or physical strength to be effective. 2 to 8 hours (in-person)

Assert Yourself: This training gives employees the tools they need to: present in their ideas, needs, and positions with confidence and persistence, identify and de-escalate potential conflict points, and manage adrenalin in the moment. 3 hours. (online or in-person)

Building a Safe and Welcoming Workplace: This comprehensive in-person training works with teams to identify and address factors contributing to a welcoming and safe workplace climate and the institutional, group, and individual barriers to this goal. Bringing together aspects from several of our stand along trainings, the half or full day program covers assertive communication, boundary setting, and de-escalation in tailored scenarios, physical skills for intervention and response, space and situational assessment and planning for change. half or full day (in-person)

Navigating Challenging Interactions: This 3-session online course is designed to build participant skills in boundary setting, bystander intervention and de-escalation in order to promote and maintain a safe and welcoming workplace or organization. (online)

Session 1 (1.5 hours): addresses situations involving the crossing of personal and professional boundaries and builds skills in assertive communication, boundary setting, and adrenaline management.

Session 2 (2 hours): focuses on situations in which participants are witnesses to the microaggressions and identity-based harassment targeting others. Session 2 explores the 5Ds of Active Bystander Intervention: Delegate, Distract, Delay, Document, and Direct, as well as the role race, class, position, and power play in when and how we intervene.

Session 3 (2 hours): focuses on the direct skill of de-escalation; recognizing the stages and signs of escalation, methods for de-escalating oneself, and the use of effective intervention strategies and tools.

Survey: Prior to the start of the series, participants will receive an anonymous survey asking them to share incidents that have experienced or witnesses in order to best align each course with the needs and concerns of the group. COVID related situations are included in the training.

Every training is tailored to the needs and concerns of the company and team. We use pre-surveys to gain input as well as using the full range of engagement tools within the training including: small and large group discussions and activities, pairs work, movement, centering, and grounding techniques.

Interactive: People don’t sit much in our trainings! Unless that is their choice. Choice is an important factor in our work. We assume that many participants in any training have experience harassment, abuse, and or assault in their lives and that people arrive with a full range of life experiences and learning styles. Our trainers are highly skilled and work to create environments which are both challenging and supportive.

Lunch-n-Learn format topics include:

  • Exploring organizational culture
  • Effective Workplace Communication
  • Conflict Skill-building
  • Day to Day Self Defense
  • additional custom topics available

Past Trainings

Prevention. Action. Change. partners with organizations to design workplace trainings that are tailored to their specific needs and concerns. Workplace Safety Training has been presented with:

  • Maine Behavioral Health – Peers Centers
  • Allagash Brewing
  • Equality Community Center
  • Community Concepts Inc.
  • Wabanaki Women’s Coalition
  • Maine Medical Center
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Jibe Cycling Studio
  • Mano en Mano – Millbridge, Maine
  • Next Gen America – Maine and Arizona
  • University of Southern Maine
  • Louisiana Center for the Blind – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine
  • Colby College
  • Kelly, Remmel, and Zimmerman Law Offices
  • Preble Street Resource Center – Portland, Maine
  • Advocates for Children – Lewiston, Maine
  • St. Mary’s Nutrition Center – Lewiston, Maine
  • Maine Diversity Hiring Coalition – Statewide
  • Health Equity Alliance (HEAL) – Bangor, Maine
  • SMRT Architects – Maine, Massachusetts, New York
  • Maine Mobile Health – Bangor, Maine
  • Port Resources – South Portland, Maine
  • Additional Restaurants and Breweries trained include: Rising Tide Brewery, Austin Street Brewery, Belleflower Brewery, Lawson’s Finest, Nightshift Brewing, The Maine Brewer’s Guild, Massachusetts Brewers Guild, Maine Brewers Guild, Via Vecchia Restaurant, Tipo and Central Provisions Restaurants, Hunt and Alpine Club, Scales Restaurant, and more…