Active Bystander Intervention Training:

The goal of this three-hour training is to give participants the awareness to recognize micro-aggressions and identity-based harassment in the early stages and the skills to intervene both for their own safety and as an effective ally to others targeted. The training is highly engaging using small group and pair exercises, role-play, and movement to generate discussion and create an engaging and impactful learning environment.

The training focuses on four areas:

1. Grounding: Participants learn and practice tools for managing adrenaline in high stress situations.
2. Boundary Setting: Participants practice boundary setting and self-advocacy skills in a range of real life situations.
3. De-escalation: Participants share and practice skills for intervening in heightened situations to avoid and interrupt escalation.
4. Bystander Intervention: Participants discuss and practice ways to intervene directly, indirectly, and through use of distraction in a range of situations from micro-aggressions to overt harassment. The focus is firmly on interventions that increase the safety of the person targeted rather than on confronting the harasser. Participants also explore resources and tools for recording and reporting harassment.


Since November 2016, this training has been presented to over 4.500 individuals in community groups, social service and social change organizations, faith groups, and middle and high schools throughout Maine.

For an example of our bystander intervention work, check out this video from Gould Academy: