“(I learned) how to identify unhealthy relationships and how to defend myself if needed.”                  – course participant

Empowerment Self Defense training provides female, gender non conforming, and LGBTQ students with increased awareness, verbal and physical skills, and greater confidence in their ability to identify and address risk for themselves and their peers. The course addresses common safety concerns of college students related to campus life from negotiating with professors to roommate challenges, parties, and hook-up culture.

Participants gain skills in assertive communication and boundary setting, de-escalation, and bystander intervention. Physical defense skills include strikes and escape skills and do not require physical strength to the effective. Students engage with one another around the underlying issues that perpetuate gender-based violence, gain knowledge of their rights under Title IX, and engage in ways to create change in campus climate. \

Research shows ESD training reduces attempted or completed sexual assault of college women by as much as 50%.

Transitions Training for Female and LGBTQ High School Seniors

Prevention. Action. Change. partners with Discovery Martial Arts to present this intensive, 4-week training for female and LGBTQ high school seniors.

Participants learn:                                        

  • To Communicate with Strength & Confidence
  • Extensive Physical and Verbal Self-Protection Skills
  • Resources for Healing and Support
  • Your Rights on Campus
  • Strategies to Prevent and Respond to attempted Sexual Assault
  • Build Healthy Relationships
  • How to Safely Intervene when a Friend is at Risk