“I liked most when I got to talk to my mom and explain my feelings.”                                                         -Mother/Daughter course participant

Parent / Youth Empowerment Self Defense

This class is designed to raise awareness and increase safety skills at home, at school/work, in relationships, and in public.  Participants learn assertive communication and boundary setting, basic physical self-defense, safety assessment skills, and how to get help for themselves and be an active bystander and ally for others.

Open to youth and adults, this intergenerational class helps participants gain greater understanding of their different perspectives, strengths, and challenges, and build relationships. From setting limits with peers and learning to express clearly what they do or do not want, to recognizing and addressing manipulation, the course helps participants stand by their positions and gain confidence in their abilities. Physical strikes and grab release skills taught are practical and accessible to all.

Adaptable to the needs and concerns of a range of age groups from 10 to 12 through 15 and up. As young people begin to navigate the world more independently, this course gives them the tools to do so more confidently and safely.

Past Classes:

-Mother/Daughter (Female Identified) Classes: ages 10-12, 13-15, and 15-17

-Parent/Child Classes: all ages

-Parent/Son (Male Identified) Classes: ages 9-12