“Your training reaffirmed my commitment to my principles, giving added insight as to how to stand together for not just myself, but others.” – Bystander Intervention participant

“I liked most when I got to talk to my mom and explain my feelings.” -Mother/Daughter course participant

“I thought it was going to be about specific moves but it was more about confidence in yourself.” -Adult participant

“(I learned) how to identify unhealthy relationships and how to defend myself if needed.” -Young Adult¬†participant

“You showed us that every young girl and woman can stick up for herself no matter what size.” -Teen participant

“I learned ways of being less passive without being aggressive.” -Teen participant

“Working with Clara is inspiring and energizing! She helped my staff feel at ease and comfortable to share their honest thoughts and give the agency feedback. Her team-building activities are engaging and fun. Clara was even able to draw out the most reticent employees. At the end of the day, we left feeling connected, excited and ready to take next steps as an agency.” -Agency Director