Harassment and Active Bystander Training

Harassment is ever present for many people in our communities. Learn and share ways to address this form of assault when you are the target and when you witness others being targeted. Explore how to intervene directly, indirectly, and through distraction, and ways to de-escalating volatile situations. Special focus on protest interactions. Open to all. Ages 16 and up

Empowerment Self Defense Intensive:

Our basic 3 to 4 hour Empowerment Self Defense Intensive offers participants the opportunity to raise their awareness, enhance safety skills, and gain inner confidence and outer strength.

Participants explore issues through discussions and activities and take on every day troublesome interactions at work, home, and in the public, learning to set boundaries and de-escalate situations. Physical self defense skills taught include strikes and grab defenses, are practical, effective, and fun and accessible to all regardless of physical conditioning or ability.

“I thought it was going to be about specific moves but it was more about confidence in yourself.” – Adult Participant

For Upcoming Public classes, please visit out Upcoming Classes page.

WORKPLACE TRAINING: Sexual harassment prevention and response, Safe and Welcoming Workplace, Navigating Challenging Interactions, Microaggressions and Identity-based Harassment, and more.

HEALING THROUGH EMPOWERMENT:  An 8-10-week program designed for people of all genders who have experienced sexual and/or intimate partner violence. Participants report decreased PTSD symptoms, and increased confidence and feelings of safety in their bodies and in their lives.

EMPOWERMENT SELF DEFENSE BASICS: Gain awareness, verbal tools for assertive boundary setting, de-escalation, physical self defense skills, and tools for healing and growth. These skills will help you navigate interactions on the spectrum from challenging to dangerous at home, online, in relationships, or in public.

NAVIGATING CHALLENGING INTERACTIONS:  3 Sessions: A blend of Verbal empowerment self defense tools to address a range of challenging interactions facing us at home, in public, online, and at gatherings and protests. Each session focuses on a different skills: Assertive Communication and Boundary Setting, Active Bystander Intervention, and De-escalation Strategies and Tools.

DE-ESCALATION FOR BUSINESSES: As part of our larger work in Empowerment Self Defense and in recognition of the many challenging interactions presented by the current pandemic such as the wearing of face masks, social distancing, and anti-asian and anti-back hate/bias we have crafted this training to help maintain safety and build a supportive and caring community.

ACTIVE BYSTANDER INTERVENTION: Gain awareness on the rise in hate based harassment and Covid related incidents occurring in supermarkets and other public spaces and learn skills and strategies to safely intervene when you witness this harassment online or in person.

ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION AND BOUNDARY SETTING: Dealing with physical distance and the extra closeness of home is challenging for all of us. As states begin to ‘open’ and many of us return to face to face interactions, come together to learn and share skills for assertive communication and boundary setting in these challenging times.