Street Harassment and Active Bystander Training

Street harassment is ever present for many people in our communities and on the rise since the election. Learn and share ways to address this form of assault when you are the target and when you witness others being targeted. Explore how to intervene directly, indirectly, and through distraction, and ways to de-escalating volatile situations. Special focus on protest interactions. Open to all. Ages 16 and up

“I thought it was going to be about specific moves but it was more about confidence in yourself.”    -Adult participant

Empowerment Self Defense Intensive:

Our basic 3 to 4 hour Empowerment Self Defense Intensive offers participants the opportunity to raise their awareness, enhance safety skills, and gain inner confidence and outer strength.

Participants explore issues through discussions and activities and take on every day troublesome interactions at work, home, and in the public, learning to set boundaries and de-escalate situations. Physical self defense skills taught include strikes and grab defenses, are practical, effective, and fun and accessible to all regardless of physical conditioning or ability.